Special Use

Self-rescue Mask for Mining - Code MSI 94

Self-rescue mask is used in mining, personal respiratory protection for 60 minutes against carbon monoxide,(contaminant concentration in air of 1%.), emitted during fire or underground explosions.

It is for only use and provides protection in environments where oxygen concentration in the air is over 19%; use is permitted only when in the workplaces are non toxic gases or vapors, except H2S in concentrations up to 0.35%.

The mask is certified according to SR EN 404: 2005 for use in potentially explosive environments and severe wear.

Regenerate cartridges for CO2 (carbon dioxide)

It is used to retain carbon dioxide and water vapor in exhaled breath and be use allowed just one time.

    Regeneration cartridges are parts of autonomous breathing apparatus with closed circuit and are made in two sizes:
  • 9 x 18-24
  • 7 x 14-22

VOC Filters – Code FAP2385

FAP2385 filters, are used for removal VOC (Volatile Organic Components).

Recommended working temperature should be lower than 50°C.