Military Use and Civil Protection

Gas Filter for Military Use (type NATO)

The gas filters are used together with full face mask for breathing protection, face and eyes protection against chemical, bacteriological and nuclear agents. It doesn't ensure protection when it is used in atmosphere with oxygen deficit in the air (less than 17%).

Gas filters connector is according to EN 148-1/2000 (40x1 / 7").

Sorbent cartridge filter is equipped with threaded connection 40x1/7", according to SR EN 148-1:2000.

Military Gas Mask, Code M'85

Mask is used with proper filter cartridge for eye, face and airway protection against toxic- aggressive chemicals such as gases, vapors, particles, radioactive dust and biological agents.

Purifying filters for shelter code FPA100

Used in the ventilation equipments in temporary or permanent shelters to purify air infected with poison fight gas, radioactive powder and biological agents.

Air-regeneration Complete

    Components are:
  • filter for retaining Carbon Dioxide - code FR 1
  • filter for retaining humidity - code FR 2