Breathing apparatus

Un-assisted Fresh Air Hose Breathing Device

It is use for breathing protection, face and eyes protection against dangerous and high concentration of chemical agents in environments with at least 17% oxygen in air; it is possible the feed with breathing air with help of a tube from uncontaminated air from max 20 meters. Use is effective only in spaces far from the clean air intake; distance should not exceed the length of the hose culvert.

    Unassisted fresh air hose breathing apparat components are:
  • full-face mask (code M74, code P2085, code P1240);
  • corrugated hose with two connectors;
  • fresh air supplying hose 5m,10m,15m and 20m;
  • funnel with particles filter;
  • harness

The product is certified according to SR EN 138:2003